Remote Working

Switzerland 🇨🇭, Ukraine 🇺🇦, Austria 🇦🇹

We stayed in Cyprus for the month of July, as it was the middle of the monsoon season in Asia. But Cyprus in July was HOT and August is usually HOTTER, so we decided to travel through some milder countries instead. In Zurich we visited one of our clients, in Kiev we met with some of our remote team members and in Vienna we picked up the Estonian eResidency card. … »


The beach near our resort in Koh Lanta Since it’s a shorter timeframe than usual, I’ll summarise everything in one post. After arriving in Thailand I had mixed feelings about the country. Expectations where high, given it’s the top destination for tourists and the internet is full of white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Getting through Bangkok Airport was the first obstacle. In the plane, they told us to follow the signs for Krabi, Chiang Mai, Phuket etc. … »

Kep (Cambodia)

6.5 hours night bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia), 3 hours wait at the bus station and another 3.5 hours in a bus to Kep. I felt worse than jet-lagged and needed more than a day of sleep to recover from this adventure. The ride was safe, the night bus comfortable enough to get a few hours of sleep, but all together it was exhausting and we lost our weekend to traveling. … »

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Temples. Temples temples temples temples and more temples. That was our weekend, the first two days in Seam Reap. The flight here was quite stressful; we stayed near the Bali airport as it was a 7am flight. AirAsia has a carry-on limit of 7kg and they’re very strict about it on their website, so the night before we had to go through our backpacks again and throw things out to get close enough to 7kg which was a very hard exercise. … »

Ubud (Indonesia)

We have arrived at the last destination of this trip in Indonesia: Ubud. Again, one of the Top 10 cities on NomadList, again a little bit of a disappointment (much less than Canggu though). Ubud is associated with green rice fields and terraces, instead it’s just another busy city. For the bigger rice fields, you need to get way out of the center. We arrived at our hotel Umala at Bisma after a trip with the fast boat and shuttle bus. … »

Gili Air (Indonesia)

After traveling for 10 days in Indonesia, we finally found what we were looking for: beach, sunshine, relaxation and a good place to work. As we couldn’t find all of this on Bali, we moved to Gili Air. Gili Air is the smallest of three tiny islands near Lombok. The way once around the island is exactly 5km, the perfect distance for a daily morning run. South-west view on Lombok and the volcano in the morning … »