Bikepacking - Here’s what we learned.

Sunday, June 15. We arrived at our destination: Mount Olympus, Cyprus. In the village of Troodos (5km from the peak). We departed on this journey to escape the melting heat down at the beach, but also to get fit and explore a new lifestyle: bikepacking. Check out Part 1: Bikepacking through Cyprus and Part 2: Amat Victoria Curam of this adventure with tour details. Our Gear Starting the Pouziaris Trail … »

A Journey Through Cyprus

The past two weeks we traveled from Larnaca to Paphos twice, once for our amazing company retreat for Heneise Consulting, the second time privately with a rental car. East (Ayia Napa) Natural arch near Ayia Napa To explore the country we set as our home base, we started our journey on the east end of the island, Ayia Napa and Cape Greco. Except for the swarms of tourists swimming around and about, the water is crystal clear and the views are fantastic. … »

Larnaca (Cyprus)

South East Asia is fantastic, and there are so many things left for us to see, but they will have to wait a little. We decided to interrupt our Asia trip for a few reasons: My wife was not lucky enough to be born in a country with a privileged passport, which makes travel unnecessarily complicated and stressful. When I left Spain, I left my “autonomo” behind, the legal structure to get paid and pay taxes in Spain. … »